a shopping cart through paypal is now added to the site. payment is received through forever moments photography for now, but it all ends up in the same place eventually... i.e. the government's pocket!

i'm anxiously awaiting my first order to see if it really works.

next trip to yosemite is about 6 weeks away. my hope is for 3 solid images to display here. thinking back to my archives, i have some film to be scanned still from my yosemite trips in the early 1990s, before the flood - some 6x6 transparency film as well as some 120 IR. at the same time, however, i'm anxious to reshoot the park with my 1ds ii.

even though i've been taking images digitally for over 7 years now, the medium is such a new animal to me. what used to take days in the traditional wet darkroom, i can complete in my digital darkroom in one afternoon with a short free cell break included.


i've added many new images to the gallery section. in fact, i've more than doubled the available images currently online. limited navigation is now working from image to image within a gallery.


contact page actually sends email to me now. feel free to leave your comments. next hurdle to cross: galleries!


i've added intro images for each of the 5 galleries. small steps, perhaps, but progress, none-the-less.


1st template of future zfa website goes live. crickets chirp.



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